Mellody Brewing Company is a brewery currently in the planning phase. We plan to brew our beer for all, to foster good times and real memories. Our focus will be cask conditioned beers where possible; otherwise, it will be dispensed in traditional draft form. Limited bottle releases are in the planning as well but not until the brewery is running.

Our approach is personal, similar to that of a bakery creating hand-made bread for a sandwich shop or restaurant making their own cheeses or charcuterie. The advantage of being small allows us to create proprietary craft beers for exclusive distribution to local bars and restaurants. The ultimate vision for Mellody Brewing is to craft real ale brewed to create real memories.

We're in the planning stages and welcome you to come back often as we update our progress. After two years of research the brewery is on hold due to personal reasons. Stay tuned...


Ready to make some real memories?